Thursday, February 7, 2008

modified sundae hat made on a loom

Since my cupcake hat is a little big on my LO I decided to use my good friend robin from rockin the looms sundae hat pattern and use it as cupcake top hat. The way i see it the pink is the frosting and the brown buttons are sprinkles and the cherry on top; however, I think I am going to trim down the cherry so it isn't so prominant. I made this on the red knifty knitting loom and it worked out great. I used extra thick yarn so I only had to hold one strand. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Quick Pink 0011 purchased at joann's.

I really enjoy my new creative hobby.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

What should THAT BOTTOM LIPS DESIGNS be about?

First let me start by explaining who I am. My name is Dawn and I am a wahm running a photo image design business for the last 5 years while caring for my children. My boys are both 8 years old and my daughter is 11m and we are getting ready for her first birthday.

I am so excited today. I have these feelings for a few reasons. Number one being that my family are all healthy and so fun to be a mommy to. But, today I decided this blog will be about my creative life. This means it will be a little business and a little pleasure, but all about my crafty side of my life.

The name "that bottom lip" comes from my newest love....Olivia 11m old daughter. That is her signature look...anything to do with sticking it out so I came up with that name early on and incorporating it where I feel appropriate.


I most likely won't post daily. I have too much on my plate for that. I have a number of projects that i am working on. Recently, I was brought on as the designer for an album design software company based out of Spain. My US/CANADIAN business partner is a great guy and great partner. He is keeping me busy pushing me to get brochures, product packaging, creative album and collage designs all designed in record time. LOTS of all nighters since Fall 07 and it isn't going to slow down I predict until spring and Wedding season is full under way.

The other reason I am excited is I want to show off my very first LOOM KNITTED creation. I have never knit a day in my life, but since we are doing a cupcake theme for Olivia and I do her photo sessions I need to prepare for her session this weekend so I can get her invitations printed and out in the mail right away. Even though my good (and new) friend Robin said it is considered INTERMEDIATE....I can't lte that stop me. I jumped right in and learned the stitches and stayed up all night. I even modified the top because I didn't want a red cherry, but instead just made another frosting like floral layer. It is too big for Olivia so I will have to figure out how to make it look good and keep it on her head long enough to get some good photos done...this is going to be quite challenging.




Next, I will make her tutu and then will sew on a cupcake applique to a onsie or tshirt to complete the look. I would like to also embellish the bottom of a pair of jeans with pink and brown ribbon loops as that will be her outfit (shirt and jeans) the day of her party...NOT the tutu...she just started walking...she doesn't need mommy to make her wear a tutu and fall all over the place.

So for anyone who happens to find my blog welcome.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to my NEW Blog!

I am currently under construction and look forward to blogging real soon.